Savannah Trip, Part 1, Coffee + Shopping

I was able to take a few days off between events this August and help G, our youngest daughter (and her dog, Pippa) move into a house in the enchanting city of Savannah for this, her senior year at SCAD. My older daughter, Lia, came up from St. Augustine with a wonderful hand-me-down bed and to help us move in and terrorize the city.

I have happily shuffled G to and fro for several years now, falling more in love with this captivating city with every trip. Previous visits were all spent in the historic district, wandering the bewildering array of moss draped historic squares, marveling at the voluptuous, balconied houses and eating, lots of eating.

G’s house is below Forsyth, in a neighborhood called the Starland District (really!). Her street has some chicly shabby duplexes with front porches next to totally renovated homes. This house is on the corner.

One morning, on my way to coffee, I walked by The Gingerbread House (it looks delicious, I could eat you up I love you so). It is a wedding and event venue!!!

A few houses past the The Gingerbread House is the Foxy Loxy Cafe where I ordered some cold brew and a wonderful Kolache. The Kolache is a not-too-sweet yeasty bun with a sweet cheese filling in the middle. They also come filled with fruit or a savory version with sausage. I plan to do more kolache research next trip.

Lia and I headed to Broughton Street one morning to visit one of our very very favorite places anywhere, The Paris Market. This is the prettiest shop, filled with lovelies new/old - is it vintage? is it new? who cares, take my money!

In a corner of the market is a petit cafe where we ordered some Iced Coffee and fresh croissants made by Le Cafe Gourmet (where our friend Maria works!) which we took outside to a little sidewalk table. Lia also bought some macarons to fuel her drive back to St. Augustine, I doubt they made it to the Florida line.

Another morning I turned the opposite direction on Bull Street and discovered the super cute vintage-vibed Back in the Day Bakery.

I ordered a delicious cold brew and a Blueberry Muffin, a Blueberry Hand Pie and a piece of Coconut Cream Pie to go. (I was on vacay! plus this is research!). I took everything back to G’s to sample and enjoy coffee until the girls woke up. These goodies knocked my socks off! No one ever (some French bakeries excepted) ever, ever bakes as well as I do, and everything was every bit as good as mine. What a treat!! So I googled Back in the Day Bakery and they are super famous! And rightly so. I ordered their cookbook and can’t wait to try a bunch of their recipes. (PS, the owners’ names are Day!! I freakin heart this so much!!)

Once caffeinated and muffined, we commenced our quest du jour - G needed a desk chair, some lamps and a bakers’ rack for additional storage in her small kitchen. I had found a bunch of thrift shop/consignment shops online, most within just a few blocks. The Vicar’s Wife (right across the street from BID Bakery) had lots of cool stuff and made sad that I was not shopping for myself, next time though!

Right next door at

Old Savannah City Mission

we scored big time, we found an

awesome, large brass baker’s rack for 100.00. And a pact was made amongst us, it would live with G for the duration, when she graduates it shall go to Lia’s house in StA. There was a pair of armchairs that made me wish I lived closer or had a much bigger vehicle.

Next stop was Picker Joe’s where G found a long sought for rustic ladder on which to drape fabric lovelies. They had lots of very cool architectural swag and an amazing selection of vintage children’s books, I may have caressed some of the early editions of my beloved Oz books.

Just around the corner is

Habersham’s Antique Market

where we found this perfectly distressed chair for G’s desk (no she doesn't want wheels, no doesn't need arms, no needn’t be adjustable). This was another big shop jammed with so much cool stuff. I’ll be back.

And then for something completely different. We drove a few blocks to “Savannah’s Funky Alternative to Antique Malls”- Two Women and a Warehouse. This bright consignment space is full retro painted furniture and tons of fun, colorful tchochkes. And flamingoes!

We finished our excursion with a trip to Marshall’s and Home Depot to get all the odds and ends (command hooks, lots of command hooks!) necessary to get G happy and cozy in her new digs.

Next up- more of what we ate and another trip to Back in the Day Bakery!

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