Savannah Trip, Part 2, Lunches+Dinners+Dranks

So Lia has a special talent for finding wonderful local places to eat and drink. Our

first night, after unloading one SUV and two truckloads of stuff, assembling a bed (yay zip ties! yay John the roommate who had zip ties along with any other tool or cleaning product desired!) we headed to the Green Truck Pub for a late supper. We had delicious burgers, a yummy California BLT, and some well deserved beers.

The next day, for lunch, we walked a few blocks to the adorable Starland Cafe,

situated in a pretty blue house with porches upstairs and down and surrounded by a blue picket fence. You can eat on the front porch but it was Savannah-August-Hot and the server kindly permitted Pippa in the air conditioned dining room where we found a cozy table in the corner and where she was a very polite and quiet girl. We ate fresh and delicious Side Sink Salad (with dates and raisins and crispy noodles!) Greek Asparagus Panini and a BLT Panini.

Another day we went to Back in the Day Bakery for lunch. I had a Cheddar Bacon Biscuit which they heated so the cheese was melty and the biscuit crispy on the outside, complete and simple perfection. G had a Caprese sandwich and Lia got this gorgeous Farmwich.

Lia’s last night we decided to do it up. First we had drinks at a rooftop bar that she found called The Perch. The chic al fresco space had lots of comfy couches and chairs thoughtfully screened with uplit greenery and swagged overhead with bistro lights. Their menu looks great and I will def go back for dinner next trip. I had pink Champagne, Lia drank Sauvignon Blanc and G had a yummy Lemonade cocktail.

And then, I finally went to The Olde Pink House.

I have stayed at the beautiful Planters Inn on Reynolds Square (!) several times but never made it next door to the venerable Pink House (which I suspected was too touristy even for me). I was wrong.

Inside, this huge old house is one divine dining room after another, so pretty!

And even though the restaurant is drop dead formally gorgeous, the vibe is very unstuffy and fun. Our server plopped down in the empty fourth chair at our table and chatted food with us and remained just the right amount of attentive throughout our stay.

First we ordered drinks, Lia had yummy Matthias Roblin Sauvignon Blanc (in honor of their absent bro, Matthias), I stuck with bubbly and G had rose.

We shared the Arches Platter which had samples of three different appetizers:

Southern Sushi Smoked Shrimp and Grits rolled in Coconut Crusted Nori

Shrimp Wrap Crab and Sausage Spring Roll, Honey Mustard Drizzle

Crispy Fried Calamari Duo of Dipping Sauces

I was skeptical about the Southern Sushi but it totally worked, amazingly good!

For entrees we ordered:

Braised Pork Shank with Pineapple Glaze, Macaroni & Cheese and Collards

Caramelized Vidalia Onion & Sweet Potato Ravioli with Oyster Mushrooms, Finished with Savory Pecan Cream Sauce

Jumbo Sea Scallops with Herb Butter, Mashed Potatoes and Mixed Beans

Everything was truly excellent.

We had to try a dessert to we ordered one to share.

Praline Basket almonds and pecans, vanilla bean ice cream, mango-citrus puree, seasonal fruit

And someone told our server it was my birthday but it wasn’t!

We did not go out to eat for for every meal, we went grocery shopping at Publix and Whole Foods and stocked up on all the essentials at Sam’s Club.I did get to another favorite spot, Fancy Parkers, twice this visit. Once for carry out lunch and very very early the day I left for a big fat coffee and a muffin. Fancy Parkers is a gourmet gas station which is open 24/7 and also has super cute gifts and cards. And beer and wine. Last year I stopped in on March 15th and there were literally towers of beer being delivered for St. Patricks’ Day which Savannah knows how to commemorate!

My last night G, Pippa and I went to an old fave, Hitch, just a block or two from Fancy Parkers. It was cool enough to sit outside with our Pipster. The server brought us menus, a water bowl and a beautiful Woof Gang Bakery cookie for our girl!G had the lovely Rosebud (raspberry infused vodka, rose syrup, rose petals, lime, Prosecco) and I ordered a refreshing Baby Doll (vodka, watermelon juice, lemon).

For dinner G had:

Duck Pot Pie Egg Roll Slow cooked duck, peas, carrots, corn, onion, celery, asparagus, herb foie gras sauce w/onion marmalade.

And I had:

Crawfish Roll New England bun, crawfish tails, tarragon aioli.


At a previous visit we had the Cheeseteak Egg Rolls which were awesome.

Needless to say I did pack on a few pounds and am back on the diet bandwagon -which I don’t hate. I shall be a very good girl because I know I will be back in Savannah in June for G’s graduation! And just wait till you see the enormous, grand and gorgeous manse we have reserved for the occasion!

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